Lalela uLwandle (Listen to the Sea) – Emotional connections and participatory ocean policy (2-hour: 50min podcast and live discussion forum on Zoom)

June 10 2020 @ 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Lalela uLwandle (“Listen to the Sea” in isiZulu) is a research-based theatre play from South Africa that makes visible stories of those living with the ocean that are seldom seen or heard in the public domain. Lalela uLwandle weaves together contemporary concerns of diverse coastal communities around intergenerational environmental injustices, tangible and intangible ocean heritage, marine science and the myriad threats to ocean health.

The event offers an opportunity to explore more democratic methods of engagement in ocean governance directly with the researchers, director and actor involved in Empatheatre. It will feature a dialogue on how coastal communities, researchers, civil society and public officers can connect across geographies, as well as across age, race and class divides, on global and local ocean-related challenges through an innovative form of participatory policy development.

(Feedback comments and responses on the digital storytelling video and web text will be made available for those who do not make the live discussion).

  • Present a research-based theatre method for ocean governance
  • Explore how creative methods open up possibilities for participatory public conversations on the health of the oceans
  • Explore how creative methods enable intangible heritage concerns to be acknowledged and recognized as valid concerns for ocean health
  • Offer an analysis on the data collected in the Lalela uLwandle and how it builds solidarity and connections between different coastal sectors on ocean governance in South Africa
  • Discuss why knowledge co-production and participatory approaches are so important in think about ocean governance and policy development
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