Ocean Science and Policy

For many years now, there have been numerous calls for higher engagement and collaboration between ocean scientists, policy-makers and citizens. After all, in order to govern and sustainably manage our ocean, we need to know it well. We also need to know how the ocean impacts each and every one of us. 

To conserve and sustainably use our ocean, we need policies that fulfil three important criteria:

  • They are based on the most up-to-date scientific knowledge
  • They recognize the multiple needs of communities interacting with the ocean and its resources
  • They are seen as legitimate and trustworthy by citizens

For the United Nations and its partners, World Oceans Day is a day for scientists, policymakers and citizens to grow closer and interact around the key and emerging challenges our ocean faces today. 

Ocean scientists can use the Portal to inform and showcase research that has clear and immediate social impact. Policymakers can submit resources and highlight the ways in which global policy is tackling ocean challenges such as climate change and plastic pollution. Citizens can highlight through events worldwide what they value about the ocean, signalling to both scientists and policymakers their priorities for saving our ocean.  

Only together can we protect our most precious resource: our ocean, our future!

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