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Teach SDGS Ambassador

Mirela Tanc teaches the language and literature of the Oltea Doamna Secondary School in Oradea, Romania. Modern teaching methods have given her awards and global appreciation and her students have obtained the best results in national exams.

Titles earned:

First Runner Up Pattern Recognition-E2 Singapore 2018

Winner the Global e-innovation Award 2017

Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert

Skype Master Teacher

MIE Trainer

Member of Harvard Learning Community

Champion 1st place GlobalEdConf 2017

Global Ambassador Teach SDGs

recommends it as a top global teacher.

He participated, together with Koen Timmers, at the master class, presenting the Climate Action project within the Global Education & Skills Forum and Skills Forum- Global Teachers Prize- Dubai 2018. https://www.flickr.com/photos/gesf/page6


She think every teacher has the duty to integrate Sustainable Development Goals in their teaching because all students have the right to quality education. Together we can!

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My Pledges

Stop Depletion of Fish Stocks
  • Pledge 1: Choose sustainable seafood.
  • Pledge 2: Buy ocean-friendly certified seafood.
  • Pledge 3: Ask about the sustainability of seafood before you order in restaurants.
  • Pledge 4: Learn more about the fishing and aquaculture sectors so you can make informed choices.
Stop Ocean Acidification by Reducing Carbon Emissions
Stop Plastic Marine Debris
  • Pledge 1: Refuse plastic drinking straws.
  • Pledge 6: Use reusable shopping bags over disposable plastic bags.
  • Pledge 8: Reuse, recycle and opt for no packaging when possible
Stop Pollution of the Ocean by Contaminants
  • Pledge 1: Use eco-friendly cleaning products.
  • Pledge 2: Dispose of chemicals properly.
  • Pledge 3: Avoid foods treated with synthetically manufactured pesticides.

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